The Largest Thanksgiving Meal in Denver

Today is the day before Thanksgiving, when holiday travelers are rushing to make planes, when families pack into their cars and visit relatives they rarely see and when people prepare themselves foe one of the largest meals of the year. At Volunteers of America, we take that literally.

Over the weekend, with the help of Safeway, Bryan Cave, HRO and countless volunteers, we packed and distributed 1,500 food baskets to families in need. Each basket feeds a family of six. Already we fed 9,000 people and we haven’t even gotten our feet wet. On Thanksgiving Day, Meals on Wheels chugs on as always with 1,450 meals being delivered to home-bound seniors. Meanwhile, at Jackson’s Sports Rock on 20th Street, VOA has set up shop from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.  Tomorrow, we are expecting 2,000 to come for dinner. If you ‘re doing the math, that’s 12,450 people served by Volunteers of America on Thanksgiving. And we give thanks for them. Tomorrow, we are so excited to carry on our Holiday tradition of serving those in need.

– Jordan Sanders, Communications Specialist, Volunteers of America Colorado Branch


And on to the Holidays

The Holidays are possibly the best time to work at a not-for-profit organization. It is about two months of running on adrenaline and coffee, seeing the best and worst the humanity has to offer and at the end of it all, sitting down and looking forward to next year and a nap. At Volunteers of America, our Holiday meetings began in August. We needed to lay out schedules for Thanksgiving Basket packing, basket distribution, Adopt-A-Family, Basket of Joy… the list goes on and on. From feeding those in need to providing warm clothes and the chance to meet Santa, we do as much as we can.

And we do it with the help of our Volunteers. In 2011, from November until January, we used nearly 4,000 new volunteers. And we are thankful for every one! For all of the volunteers who brave the cold to hand out turkeys, for the ones who dress up as Winnie-the-Pooh and cheer up children as they wait in line for coats, for the volunteers who spend hours organizing Adopt-a-Family presents. Every single volunteer is invaluable to Volunteers of America. Thank YOU so much for allowing us to spread the Holiday Joy and make it through the season with love.

-Jordan Sanders, Communications Specialist, Volunteers of America Colorado Branch